On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 04:20:33PM -0600, A. Wilcox wrote:

> >>>> Try the debugging patch below, which unconditionally disables import of
> >>>> previous buffer.  To test, you would need to boot, then frob options in
> >>>> BIOS, reboot, again frob etc.
> >>>
> >>> still need test patch? if yes, with BIOS options?
> >> Yes, please test the patch.  I explained the procedure above.
> > 
> > sorry, i don't know 'frob'.
> > what exactly options combination I need test and what about memory test?
> > 
> The idea is that when rebooting, stale memory contents remain, but are
> corrupted due to interleave.
> "Frob" basically means "mess with".  So apply patch, test kernel,
> reboot, change NUMA option, reboot again, see if it works, and so on.
> Basically repeat your test with the NUMA=on interleave=on, NUMA=off
> interleave=on, etc etc.

NUMA=on interleave=off booted
NUMA=on interleave=on hang

I think different combination whatever?
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