Hi FreeBSD Current Team, I need help with a few things:

1. I tried getting help from all kinds of irc chats but still no dice.
2. I cannot get my soundcard to work on FreeBSD. It is the Soundblaster
Z(SB1500, SB1502) with the CA0132 codec.
3.Also i tried to get pipelight to work but doesnt work well on 64 bit and
for some reason firefox wont detect pipelight plugins version 50.0.2 newest
version available from ports.
4. Another potential problem with usb drive detection as well. Usb ports
work just fine in something like windows and linux but not FreeBSD.

I really LOVE FreeBSD i use it for workstation applications and
professional use as well. Is there any way i could be referred to someone
to can code the drivers needed to work with my hardware?? And possibly
someone who could help me with my software problems.

Thank you,
FreeBSD Supporter
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