On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 01:39:27PM +0200, Konstantin Belousov wrote:

> In other words, it is almost certainly the hang and not a fault causing
> hang. This means that the machine is not compliant with the IA32
> architecture, in particular, the region reported as normal memory by
> E820 BIOS service does not behave as normal memory.
> Since regardless of the option setting, the memory map is same, and
> bootstrap page table only depend on the memory map, we use the same page
> table when hanging and when operating correctly. We do not fault or hang
> when the option is turned off, which together with the improved early
> fault handling in the patch, makes it almost certain that the problem is
> in hardware configuration and not in our early setup.
> Of course, the most puzzling part is that memory test makes the hang
> go away, while repeating memory test operation only on the msgbuf region
> does not. msgbuf is special in that it is located at TOHM (top of high
> memory). It spans 128KB from below it to the last byte of the last
> physical segment.
> The only ideas I have right now is that there is either a bug in the
> Caching Agent/Home agent/IMC configuration in BIOS, in which case there
> is nothing OS can do to mitigate it.  Or it might be that the memory
> map reported by CMS is wrong (you said that you use legacy boot, right
> ?).  This is not too surprising if true, because non-EFI boot code path
> definitely get less and less testing.
> For the later case (potential bug in CMS), could you switch to EFI boot
> mode and see whether the issue magically healths itself ?  You could boot
> from USB stick in EFI mode without reinstalling for test.

I can't boot from USB stick -- this is remote DC and IPMI allow only
CDROM emulation.

OK, I am boot in UEFI 12.0 snapshot ISO.
Boot ok.

Can I convert installed OS to UEFI mode?

> Do you use latest BIOS for your motherboard ?

This is new MB (X10DRi) w/ BIOS 2.0, new is 2.1 but update is not
simple (need to prepare bootable dos ISO, mostly utilites don't work
under FreeBSD).
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