On Mon., 19 Dec. 2016 at 1:37 am, O. Hartmann <ohartm...@walstatt.org>

> After changing paraemters on my router which uses a modem via ppp/pppoed,
> service netif restart
> does not bring up ppp and named!
> After "netif restart" and "routing restart" (in this order), tun0 which is
> supposed to
> have the ISP's IP address is empty and named (the router has bind911
> running) is offline
> and needs also to be restarted via "service named restart".
> Is there something I miss or is this a serious bug? It is the first time
> (FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #74 r310129: Fri Dec 16 00:33:09 CET 2016 amd64) I
> realize this
> behaviour. I never had problems before.

I was about to say you will also need to do:
# service pppoed restart

But a quick look at that rc script seems to show that stop or restart are
not implemented:

Having a quick look at my router which also uses pppoe, I note that in
/etc/rc.conf I am not using the pppoed rc script, but the following:

Therefore when I need to restart my pppoe after making config changes I
would use:
# service ppp restart

Which one are you using in your rc.conf: ppp or pppoe?

In my /etc/ppp/ppp.conf I have the following:
        set log Phase tun command # you can add more detailed logging if
you wish
        set speed sync
        set mru 1492
        set mtu 1492
        set ctsrts off
        enable echo
        set echoperiod 15
        enable ipv6cp
        enable ipcp
        set timeout 0
        set redial 0 0

        set ifaddr MY.IP.ADDR.ESS/0 THEIR.IP.ADDR.ESS/0
        set server /var/run/ppp/myisp "" 0177
        set device PPPoE:INTERFACE
        set authname USERNAME
        set authkey PASSWORD
        set dial
        set login
        add default HISADDR
        disable dns

Note that I handle the NAT and DNS myself through pf and dnsmasq.

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