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im> On 12/19/16 12:12, Hiroki Sato wrote:
im> > Michael Butler <i...@protected-networks.net> wrote
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im> >
im> > im> It appears that SVN r309925 and onward no longer opens a network
im> > im> socket unless the command-line explicitly contains "-b :syslog"
im> > :-(
im> > im>
im> > im> This also stops one syslog daemon forwarding to another (which is
im> > why
im> > im> I noticed).
im> > im>
im> > im> Was this an intentional behaviour change?
im> >
im> >  Sorry, it was broken due to another mismerge at r309933.  I fixed it
im> >  at r310278.  Can you try the latest one and let me know if the
im> >  problem still persists or not?
im> No, it does not. "netstat -an -finet | grep 514" shows that it doesn't
im> listen on a UDP socket without adding "-b :syslog" to syslogd_flags in
im> /etc/rc.conf,

 Thank you for the report.  I misunderstood what was wrong and fixed
 it just now.  Please try r310310.

-- Hiroki

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