On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Donn Miller wrote:

> The recent commits to PCM, as of a few days back, have given me
> problems with my ESS 1868.  When I play MP3's with mpg123, I get a lot
> of loud pops and clicks during playback.  Otherwise, the MP3s DO play
> all the way through.  However, when I try to play MP3s with Real
> Player 7, it just hangs at the beginning, and doesn't play the MP3. 
> Before the commits to PCM, I was able to play MP3s OK with Real Player
> 7.

I hate to post a "me-too", but here it goes.  I'm also experencing similar
problems with pcm on my laptop with the neomagic driver.  Running "amp
-s" which reports the number of frames written to the sound device, will
write about 20 frames, and then hang in the state of [pcmwr] until ctrl-c
is pressed.  It sounds like theres a DMA transfer problem.

Doing something like "cat /kernel > /dev/audio" will also just loop the
first 1/2 second over and over.

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