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> Howdy
> I went through the process of building world for the first time, that was
> interesting but I got it. svn clean up prior object files, build world,
> kernel, etc.
> Okay that part is fine
> I have a question about keeping ports up to date, in the past I did
> portsnap fetch update to update the ports but since I totally deleted all
> the ports and used svn checkout to get the latest ports.
> Can I mix portsnap fetch update or should I just continue to use svn update
> /usr/ports
> Best,
> Owen


from my own experience I left the path of "portsnap" and stay with svn alone. 
tends to "flood" the /var filesystem with a tremendous number of files over 
time. Each
time you issue "portsnap fetch update", a file appears in /var/portsnap - it 
could be
that the files appear in /var/db, I can't remember. Deleting them with "rm -rf 
*" leaves
me then with an error from "rm": the argument line is to long due to the number 
of files.
Therefore, I switched to svn.

Well, svn itself is pumping up /usr/ports/.svn where it keeps all logs. 
Depending on the
frequency of updates it grows. I do the same for /usr/src and by the time of 
almost every day several times a day updates, the folder .svn is as large
as /usr/src itself in its pristine state when fetched initially. For
long-haul/long-running systems I'm concerned about the flood of data coming in 
sometimes the filesystem is full. I avoid ZFS on build machines and use 
for /usr/src, /usr/obj and sibblings which saved my ass several times for now. 
ZFS is a
memory hog, on /usr/ports (which is on ZFS in mz scenario, the exclusion ...), 
a "svn
update" can take up to 8 minutes on a 16GB, freshly rebooted box with a 3,4 Ghz 
IvyBridge CPU and a ZFS RAIDZ with 4 HDDs and SSD for ZIL and L2ARC. 

On the other hand - I once tried to mix portsnap and svn and apart from any 
theory it
worked a while and then it failed. That might be due to non-synchronisation 
portsnap serving facilities and subversion repositories - which I would expect 
not to be
in sync withing femto seconds. So it might be wise to saty with one specific 
method - I
decided myself to keep it with svn.

Just my experience,

Kind regards,

O. Hartmann

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