On 01/06/17 03:48, Steven Hartland wrote:
> Hmm I'm not sure about everyone else but I we treat emX as legacy
> devices (not used one in years) but igbX is very common here.
> The impact of changing a nic device name is quite a bit more involved
> than just rc.conf it effects other areas too, jails etc so given we can
> loose access to the machine on reboot if everything isn't done right, it
> would be worth considering:
>  * Change emX -> igbX to lower the impact.
>  * Add shims / alias so that operations on the device name going away
>    still work.
> What do people think?

We have a "legacy" code implementation that does exactly what you're
describing and we intend on putting that version into 11-stable so that
existing users won't bang their heads against it.

The amount of code in the tree dropped *significantly* when we dropped
this implementation, hence why we wanted to make 12-current a clean break.


bcc matt
> On 06/01/2017 03:17, Sean Bruno wrote:
>> tl;dr --> igbX devices will become emX devices
>> We're about to commit an update to sys/dev/e1000 that will implement and
>> activate IFLIB for em(4), lem(4) & igb(4) and would appreciate all folks
>> who can test and poke at the drivers to do so this week.  This will have
>> some really great changes for performance and standardization that have
>> been bouncing around inside of various FreeBSD shops that have been
>> collaborating with Matt Macy over the last year.
>> This will implement multiple queues for certain em(4) devices that are
>> capable of such things and add some new sysctl's for you to poke at in
>> your monitoring tools.
>> Due to limitations of device registration, igbX devices will become emX
>> devices.  So, you'll need to make a minor update to your rc.conf and
>> scripts that manipulate the network devices.
>> UPDATING will be bumped to reflect these changes.
>> MFC to stable/11 will have a legacy implementation that doesn't use
>> IFLIB for compatibility reasons.
>> A documentation and man page update will follow in the next few days
>> explaining how to work with the changed driver.
>> sean
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