On 6 Jan 2017, at 12:48, Pete Wright wrote:

On 1/6/17 9:14 AM, Matthew Macy wrote:

I just did the merge and it's using a relatively untested new KPI so regressions aren't too surprising I'm afraid. #96 is more or less content free in terms of providing useful information. Getting a core + backtrace would be a lot more helpful. See the repo's wiki for details on improving your odds of getting a core.

I have found the following has enabled me to catch kernel panic's pretty reliably on the drm-next branch when i have the i915kms module loaded:


Excellent: I turned that on and got a core, then got another core while tar'ing up the first core. :)

The machine in question is currently not connected to any network (iwm is being a bit unhappy), but once it is, where can I put the tarball?

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