>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Matthew> :Now the application in question (Netscape) usually runs
Matthew> around 50 to :75 megs, so that swapping activity is
Matthew> effectively swapping an amount

Matthew>     50-75MB is a lot, but if you have 256MB of ram it can't
Matthew> be the cause unless there are other active things eating
Matthew> similar amounts of ram.

Matthew>     It kinda sounds like a runaway to me.  A ps axl during
Matthew> these heavy paging periods should shed some light on the
Matthew> problem.

Believe me, I look at these things.  Yes there is a lot going on and a 
lot using memory.  I normally have about 20% to 25% of my Gig of swap
used... meaning that I have allocated roughly double my RAM in

And when this worst-case happens, memory is full... but the only
active application is Netscape.

On my home machine, the same thing tends to happen.  It only has 128M
and vastly fewer things going on.  I see cases were I'm surfing for
20-30 minutes and I will hit this 10 to 30 second (longer, becase the
swap at home is slower) gap in netscape response.

The only other applications running would be something like a small
UUCP transfer or a small amount of NFS traffic when the wife's
(diskless) machine changes screensavers.


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