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>  > Hmmm ... did your old tests do 4 or 8 queues on this hardware?
>  >
>  > Did the old tests run 1024 tx/rx slots or the max 4096?
> That's a great point, only having one thread per core could easily account
> for this. I'm hoping Sean can make txq != rxq work so that you can have
> 8txqs and 4 rxqs.
> ​The netgate RCC-VE 4860 is a 4 cores atom C2558E, and I'm using 2 of the
4 Gigabit Intel i350 ports.
Lab detail:

My tunning are (same for both test):
hw.igb.rxd="2048" (it should be useless now)
hw.igb.txd="2048" (it should be useless now)
hw.igb.rx_process_limit="-1" (It should be useless now too)


I can generate profiling data for you: what kind of data do you want ?
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