:Believe me, I look at these things.  Yes there is a lot going on and a 
:lot using memory.  I normally have about 20% to 25% of my Gig of swap
:used... meaning that I have allocated roughly double my RAM in
:And when this worst-case happens, memory is full... but the only
:active application is Netscape.
:On my home machine, the same thing tends to happen.  It only has 128M
:and vastly fewer things going on.  I see cases were I'm surfing for
:20-30 minutes and I will hit this 10 to 30 second (longer, becase the
:swap at home is slower) gap in netscape response.
:The only other applications running would be something like a small
:UUCP transfer or a small amount of NFS traffic when the wife's
:(diskless) machine changes screensavers.

    Hmm.  How large a memory-cache do you have configured for netscape?
    Disk cache?  What is the RSS and VSZ of the netscape binary while 
    the paging is going on?  Please post a ps axl of the state of the system
    while the paging is going on.

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