On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Otter wrote:

>Does FreeBSD support the vt520? I've looked around in documentation,
>but haven't been able to find anything about it. If it isn't yet, I could
>probably get my hands on a spare (note single, not plural) if someone is
>seriously interested in supporting it. TIA.

I don't see an entry in termcap.src,v1.90 under HEAD for vt520.  However,
it is in esr's v11.0.1 of the termcap.src file.  This file is copyrightless
and appears 100% compatible with the current termcap.  Is there any
reason it is not merged in regularly?  Regardless, here is the termcap
entry for a vt520 in the termcap syntax:

vt520|DEC VT520:\

Brandon D. Valentine
"You should believe in death, taxes, Larry Ellison's loathing of Bill
Gates and Intel's inability to ship a working chipset."
 - Dr Spinola, The Register, 05/13/2000

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