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On 17/01/2017 1:23 AM, Adam Weinberger wrote:
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On Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 12:03:08AM +0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
I noticed that suddenly vim is grabbing mouse movements, which makes life
really hard.

Was there a specific revision that brought in this change, and can it be
This change appeared in one of the last patchset of vim 7.4 and was one of the
"features" of the vim 8.0 release.

I do agree this is just totally painful :(

Best regards,
One of the things that I inherited with the Vim port was the DEFAULT_VIMRC 
option (which installs /usr/ports/editors/vim/files/vimrc), and I haven't 
touched it.

I have moused disabled in all my boxes so I have no idea about bad mouse 
behaviour in Vim. If there is a bad default that is causing grief, let's just 
fix it in that default vimrc.

I'm not really understanding what the unexpected behaviour is so I can't make 
an intelligent recommendation myself, but I'll go with whatever you folks 

# Adam
I'm in iterm on my mac.
I ssh to a freebsd machine
I use vim on a file.
I used to be able to use the mouse on my mac to copy a few lines into the cut 
buffer.. slide-shift-click etc..
now suddenly if I try highlight some code in vim to copy it vim drags stuff 
around, scrolls up and down, deletes stuff and generally makes a mess.
if click, instead of starting a copy zone it grabs some of the text.

basically it makes hte mouse useless.
I can;t copy and paste from a file I'm ediitng. I end up having to exit vim and 
do it in vi.
There have been a number of recommendations in this thread for you, Julian, including "set 
mouse=a" and "set mouse=v". Test some of them out and let me know what works for you.

actually I never saw one about mouse=a however I did see and try mouse=v which didn't work for me.

I have now tried mouse=a and am happy to say that that does what I need.

# Adam

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