>>>>> "Matthew" == Matthew Dillon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Matthew> :Believe me, I look at these things.  Yes there is a lot
    Matthew> going on and a :lot using memory.  I normally have about
    Matthew> 20% to 25% of my Gig of swap :used... meaning that I have
    Matthew> allocated roughly double my RAM in :applications.  : :And
    Matthew> when this worst-case happens, memory is full... but the
    Matthew> only :active application is Netscape.  : :On my home
    Matthew> machine, the same thing tends to happen.  It only has
    Matthew> 128M :and vastly fewer things going on.  I see cases were
    Matthew> I'm surfing for :20-30 minutes and I will hit this 10 to
    Matthew> 30 second (longer, becase the :swap at home is slower)
    Matthew> gap in netscape response.  : :The only other applications
    Matthew> running would be something like a small :UUCP transfer or
    Matthew> a small amount of NFS traffic when the wife's :(diskless)
    Matthew> machine changes screensavers.  : :Dave.

This may be a stupid suggestion, so please excuse me if it
is... but... have you checked process resource limits? Especially the
"memoryuse" parameter, I think, tells the system how large a working
set you will allow each process. 


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