I am trying to build drm-next-4.7 from the FreeBSDDesktop
repository [1] for use as a poudriere jail.

However, libstd++ is missing in the installation generated with the
following commands:

  make buildworld ...
  make installworld DESTDIR=/path/to/jail/dir
  make distribution DESTDIR=/path/to/jail/dir

I know clang is no longer built and installed as part of buildworld  in
the FreeBSDDesktop repo,
but why isn't libstd++ present?

I used the following commands to install llmv39 in the jail, but this
won't give us libstd++ since it is part of base.

  cp /etc/resolv.conf /path/to/jail/dir/etc/
  chroot /path/to/jail/dir /bin/sh
  pkg install llmv39

  clang39 # now run clang, won't work, see below
  Shared object "libc++.so.1" not found, required by "clang"

Grateful for any advice,


[1] https://github.com/FreeBSDDesktop/freebsd-base-graphics/tree/drm-next-4.7
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