Are there any plans to implement subj? There were a couple of patches and
they still work fine (with some minor tweaking). But somehow any
discussions on these features seem to have died a while ago :-( Meanwhile,
they seem to be rather useful. For one, here in post-USSR countries lots
of CDs are made using Russian filenames in cp866 encoding.

In this respect, is there a way to concatenate "makeoptions" and/or 
propagate them only to some of the modules? The problem is: I've modified
a wee bit Unicode patch for Joliet cd9660
(http://triaez.kaisei.org/~mzaki/joliet/ ) to build it into module,
but it requires options CHARSET_{EUC_JP,KOI8_R etc} to be specified. Since
we compile modules together with kernel, it would be nice to specify all
the nessessary options in config file. On the other hand, some of them
(like in this example) make sence only for some of the modules. Any ideas
how to do that?


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