> On Jan 27, 2017, at 12:23, Toomas Soome <tso...@me.com> wrote:


>> Unfortunately, in my infinite wisdom (IIRC) I put the zfs partition before 
>> the swap partition.
>> We have a similar problem at work with sys/boot unfortunately, but that's a 
>> side discussion for another time/place.
>> Thank you for the idea though -- I'll check when I get back to work.
>> -Ngie
> Note the order of the partitions is not important, at least on paper anyhow. 
> Of course there are preferences in sense that it does look nice if 
> freebsd-boot is in front. Also, if you do have mirror setup, it is some work, 
> but you can re-arrange mirror side partitioning (with usual cautions like 
> having scrub done, having backup, having third disk would be helpful).

I have a raidz with 3 SSDs on it IIRC. Removing the SSD from the pool and 
readjusting partitions would probably be ok, but I'm not really keen on doing 
potentially destructive things like that, unless I absolutely have to do them 

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