| > 
| > Maybe the soltion is to think out of the box.  Maybe temporary
| > filestore should be a more official OS service.  Race conditions would
| > be far less common if the OS itself was managing the namespace.
| > 
| > You might even expand the capability somewhat.  Provide process local,
| > uid local and global namespaces.  You'd even gain the ability to
| > specify the limits on temporary filestore.
| We have an out of the box solution. But there are other software out
| there in the world that happens to use mktemp() and we have no control
| of. So we are trying to improve mktemp().

I've avoided this conversation, but what would everyone think of a tmpfs
type of solution with a security minded design?  I took a brief look at
phk's md driver, and it could be quite easily molded to do what I want to
do.  Things like a sysctl option to disallow symlinks in a tmpfs mounted
directory I'm sure would make a few people happy.  The downfall, for being
memory backed, is it's wiped on a reboot (some people, however, consider
this to be A Good Thing).

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