>> From reading U-Boot sources (lib/efi_loader/efi_disk.c) it looks like
>> names are in the form of typeN:M, where type is interface type,
>> N is disk id and M is partition id. So 3 disks in my setup
>> may be mmc0, mmc0:1, mmc0:2. 
>> -- 
>> gonzo
> Okay, so in case of arm or MEDIA_FILEPATH_DP we need to keep the initial disk 
> handle till there is an disk switch, and use it as first argument for 
> registering the disk. So the name in last node is probably the same format 
> and we can identify the disk this way. Worth to check in any case:)

Based on current knowledge, I did put together the first sketch of the fix:


However, it needs to be tested on arm, so I do ask help there:)

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