On a freshly installed snap (5.0-20000612-SNAP), after
compiling up a new kernel, the make install fails.

   Basically, it tries to 'cp /modules/* /modules.old'
but /modules is empty and the cp fails. We need to
either recognize an empty directory, or not fail
if the cp fails.

   the following target is the problem:

modules-install modules-install.debug:
.if !defined(NO_MODULES_OLD)
        mkdir -p ${DESTDIR}/modules.old
        cp -p ${DESTDIR}/modules/* ${DESTDIR}/modules.old
        cd $S/modules && env MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=${.OBJDIR}/modules ${MAKE}

   I don't have a patch for this right now.  If none
of the folks working in the kernel module area get to
this, I'll try to do something with it in the next few


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