at the moment the documentation for evdev on FreeBSD is very scarce, even if we
talk about wiki pages, informal howto-s or blog posts.
So, I would like to ask your help for a very basic evdev test setup.

All input devices I have are standard keyboard and a mouse with some extra keys.
I would like to be able to use the keyboard and the mouse as usual when in the
console.  And I would like to be able to use the extra mouse keys in X.

What steps should I take to achieve that?
I already evdev + EVDEV_SUPPORT on the kernel side in addition to the regular
keyboard and mouse drivers (atkbdc + ums).
I have also installed xf86-input-evdev.

Do I need any additional kernel evedev configuration via sysctl?
What should I add to xorg configuration to enable evdev for X?

Thank you!
Andriy Gapon
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