:NOTE: I'm not on -current, so if you trim committers, please cc me.
:I believe I have discovered a problem w/ -current... I would like more
:data points to see if this is a problem...  when I run
:http://people.FreeBSD.org/~jmg/bench.py against a -current box (so far
:I have tested against builder and kris's -current box) I find that it
:has a very high time to establish the connection and return the data..
:Durning this time, the box sometimes sits at 80% idle which it shouldn't
:be... other times it pegs the cpu, but it cycles between the two...
:when I run it against keichii's -stable box or my 3.4-R box I peg the
:cpu load at 100% used and it does not exhibt the delayed connection
:I also see that sometimes it takes 15 seconds for a connection to be
:established and all the data (all of 5 bytes or so) to be read off
:the connection)...
:kris has experienced that when running bench.py against his -current
:box, it would take several second for telnet localhost to actually

    Typically time delays like this are due to the reverse DNS lookup
    failing.  Make sure the dns resolver is working properly on the
    machine.  You should be able to test it by running nslookup on
    the IP addresses connecting into the machine.


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