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It would seem a simple mistake in  a Makefile: see attached diff.

The module loads for me with that patch applied.

Best regards
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diff --git a/sys/modules/iwm/Makefile b/sys/modules/iwm/Makefile
index 2d076906ce9..f8ae70650cb 100644
--- a/sys/modules/iwm/Makefile
+++ b/sys/modules/iwm/Makefile
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ KMOD=   if_iwm
  SRCS= if_iwm.c if_iwm_binding.c if_iwm_util.c if_iwm_phy_db.c
  SRCS+=        if_iwm_mac_ctxt.c if_iwm_phy_ctxt.c if_iwm_time_event.c
  SRCS+=        if_iwm_power.c if_iwm_scan.c if_iwm_led.c if_iwm_notif_wait.c
+SRCS+=  if_iwm_7000.c if_iwm_8000.c
  # bus layer
  SRCS+=        if_iwm_pcie_trans.c
  SRCS+=        device_if.h bus_if.h pci_if.h opt_wlan.h

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