Dear Frank,

On Sunday, March 5, 2017, Frank Honolka wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Few months ago, I've built and installed FreeBSD Current + drm 4.7 on a
> Compaq h050ng with an AMD Sea Island Graphics Card. At this time, the
> system wasn't very stable. I would like to know, how is the support for
> Sea Islands graphics now?
Some improvements were made to amdgpu KMS in drm-next. However, only 2D mode is 
stable for me,  3D still panics (I disable acceleration, Glamor, and GLX in 
xorg.conf). No work that I am aware of was done to radeon KMS (it may profit 
from general improvements though). I think you can run Sea Islands with amdgpu 
KMS, I'd give that a go if I was you.

Please report back if you try anything!

Hope this helps,

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