> From: Chris H [mailto:bsd-li...@bsdforge.com]
> OK copying the boot.efi from the install DVD will only
> hose the system (EFI).
Do you mean copying the boot.efi from the install DVD doesn't work?
If so we need to build a good boot.efi with the CURRENT code + reverting
the offending commit.

> So how long till (u)efi is again supported on FreeBSD?
> Sorry for the frustration. But getting a working FreeBSD
> on this system has become an unusually long, and expensive
> process, this time around -- even for CURRENT.
> --Chris

I think EFI boot has been supported by FreeBSD for years and it's only
broken since last Thursday by my patch... Sorry. Let's make it
right soon, once I understand why the patch breaks it  by checking
the memory maps on your system.

-- Dexuan
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