New amdtemp driver needs more testers!


Fast buld/install:
...download and apply patch...
kldunload amdtemp
cd /usr/src/sys/modules/amdtemp/
make install
make cleandir
kldload amdtemp

rus/eng: http://netlab.dhis.org/wiki/ru:software:freebsd:amdtemp

Read methods:
 - D18F3xE4 Thermtrip Status Register (TTS)
 - D18F3x64 Hardware Thermal Control (HTC) - tunables only, no temperature
 - D18F3xA4 Reported Temperature Control Register (RTC)
 - SB-TSI - Temperature Sensor Interface via CPU registers (TSI)
 - TSI via SMBus - not supported yet


D18F3xE4 Thermtrip Status Register
 - TjOffset (RD) - This field is the offset from CurTmp used to normalize to 
 - DiodeOffset (RD) - Thermal diode offset is used to correct the measurement 
made by an external temperature sensor.
 - ThermtpEn (RD) - The THERMTRIP state is supported by the processor.
 - Thermtrip (RD) - The processor has entered the THERMTRIP state.

D18F3x64 Hardware Thermal Control (HTC)
 - HtcTmpLmt (RD, Kelvin) - HTC temperature limit
 - HtcHystLmt (RW, Kelvin) - HTC hysteresis. The processor exits the HTC active 
state when the temperature selected by HtcSlewSel is less than the HTC 
temperature limit (HtcTmpLmt) minus the HTC hysteresis (HtcHystLmt).
 - HtcEn (RW) - HTC is enabled; the processor is capable of entering the 
HTC-active state.
 - HtcLock (RW) - HtcPstateLimit, HtcHystLmt, HtcTmpLmt, and HtcEn are 
 - HtcSlewSel (RW) - HTC slew-controlled temperature select.
 - HtcPstateLimit (RW) - HTC P-state limit select.
 - HtcAct (RW) - The processor is currently in the HTC-active state.
 - HtcActSts (RW) - set-by-hardware; write-1-to-clear. Reset: 0. This bit is 
set by hardware when the processor enters the HTC-active state. It is cleared 
by writing a 1 to it.
 - PslApicHiEn (RW) - P-state limit higher value change APIC interrupt enable.
 - PslApicLoEn (RW) - P-state limit lower value change APIC interrupt enable.

D18F3xA4 Reported Temperature Control Register
 - CurTmp (RD, Kelvin) - Provides the current control temperature, Tctl, after 
the slew-rate controls have been applied.
 - CurTmpTjSel (RW, Kelvin) - Specifies a value used to create Tctl.
 - TmpSlewDnEn (RW) - Temperature slew downward enable.
 - TmpMaxDiffUp (RW) - Specifies the maximum difference, (Tctlm - Tctl), when 
Tctl immediatly updates to Tctlm.
 - PerStepTimeDn (RW) - Specifies the time that Tctlm must remain below Tctl 
before applying a 0.125 downward step.
 - PerStepTimeUp (RW) - Specifies the time that Tctlm must remain above Tctl 
before applying a 0.125 upward step.

SB-TSI registers
 - cpu_temperature (RD, Kelvin) - CPU Temperature
 - high_temperature_threshold (RD, Kelvin) - High Temperature Threshold
 - low_temperature_threshold (RD, Kelvin) - Low Temperature Threshold
 - cpu_temperature_offset_hi (RW) - CPU Temperature Offset High Byte
 - cpu_temperature_offset_lo (RW) - CPU Temperature Offset Low Byte
 - status (RW) - SB-TSI Status
 - cfg3 (RW) - SB-TSI Configuration Register 0x03
 - cfg9 (RW) - SB-TSI Configuration Register 0x09
 - upd_rate (RW) - Update Rate
 - timeout_cfg (RW) - Timeout Configuration
 - alert_threshold (RW) - Alert Threshold
 - alert_cfg (RW) - Alert Configuration
 - manufacture_id (RD) - Manufacture ID
 - revision (RD) - SB-TSI Revision

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