Hi Roberto,
I’m not sure if the snapshot is built daily or weekly.

To have this latest fix, I suggest you re-buildworld.
If you have done buildworld in your local directory, then you only need to 
rebuild the EFI loader:

'wget' the patch 
cd' into your FREEBSD_SOURCE_ROOT/sys/boot/ and run "patch -p3 < 
If you have run 'make buildworld", just run 'make' in the sys/boot/ directory 
and copy the new loader.efi into the boot folder, e.g. in my side, I use
cp -iv  /usr/obj/root/bsd.git/sys/boot/efi/loader/loader.efi /boot/loader.efi

-- Dexuan

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Subject: RE: input/output error @boot

Hey I do appreciate the work and time put into this issue. I will update my 
sources when I chroot from the USB, need to find out how first, ;) and do I 
rebuildworld  or just download the lastest head snapshot? Im new to testing 
with others. Thank you very much
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