Thank you.

Just unconditionally disabling AGP in R300 initialization made
radeonkms to load successfully.
It seems that no tunables for FreeBSD are described instead of
MODULE_PARM_DESC and module_param_named.
So, I have to learn how to add them to the source code.
(/usr/src/sys/dev/drm2/os_freebsd.c seem to help.)

Anyway, it worked. thank you.

Some problems remain. The virtual screen is larger than the real one and
I cannot see the command line I am inputting, and I did not yet test X  as
there seem to be problems in building them from ports, but that are
other things.

2017-03-06 13:03 GMT+09:00 Herminio Hernandez, Jr.
> Per the radeon man page here. However this option has been removed after
> 10.2. Under Linux the you set it in yaboot bootloader by using
> 'radeon.agpmode=-1'. I do not know if this will work in loader.conf
>   Option "BusType"    "string"
>             Used  to  replace  previous ForcePCIMode option.  Should only be
>             used when driver's bus detection is incorrect  or  you  want  to
>             force an AGP card to PCI mode. You should NEVER force a PCI card
>             to AGP bus.
>             PCI    -- PCI bus
>             AGP    -- AGP bus
>             PCIE   -- PCI Express bus
>             (used only when DRI is enabled)
>             The default is auto detect.
> On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 3:35 PM, Hiroo Ono (小野寛生)
> <> wrote:
>> Thank you. I see the point.
>> 2017-03-05 17:20 GMT+09:00 Herminio Hernandez Jr.
>> <>:
>> > Try to force the Radeon driver into PCI mode. Under Linux doing this
>> > stops
>> > the blank screen and locks.
>> Could anyone tell me how to do it? Can it be done from FreeBSD?
>> I googled a little but could not find anything useful (maybe search
>> words were not
>> appropriate), so how to do it on Linux helps me also.
>> pciconf -lc says:
>> vgapci0@pci0:0:16:0: class=0x30000 card=0x41501002 chip=0x41501002
>> rev=0x00 hdr=0x00
>>   cap 02[58] = AGP v3 8x 4x SBA disabled]
>>   cap 01[50] = powerspec 2 supports D0 D1 D2 D3 current D0
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