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It depends which architecture are you currently using. Ideally the tests
should be run in each CPU type for each architecture and for each
combination of options in the make.conf, src.conf and src-env.conf. That
could last for ever. Feel free to test whatever you can. For instance,
prepare your machine to run FreeBSD HEAD.

I recommend to have ZFS in your hard drive and make snapshots before you
install the new kernel and/or world. Then reinstall everything and check if
it crash, this will be the "final user experience".
If you want to run it on a external device (for instance, in a raspberry 3)
you can prepare for each iteration a live USB live key to test if it breaks
and then check it the hardware was recognized.

In addition, you can run some benchmarks to test the performance of your

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2017-03-07 5:34 GMT+01:00 Roberto Rodriguez Jr <>:

> Good evening gentlemen or good morning I would like to know what kind of
> settings you would like us testers to have in our configuration. For
> example I simply establish a CPU type just for basic assembly optimization
> but what other settings would you recommend to set so that when we
> recompile and build world we have the environment you would like us to
> test. Where the definition of testing could be: we install packages and
> execute X11 environment and try to connect to the internet and run all
> kinds of different applications so that end users also can have the same
> experience and understand that the system is cohesive.
> ?
> too much?
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