On Thu, Mar 09, 2017 at 07:00:13AM -0800, Jeffrey Bouquet wrote:
> For $giggles$ I svn up /usr/src/usr.bin/awk  or wherever, then
> man awk displays not the newer import per a recent SVN but
> the older 2015 [ it says ] one.  Stale file, or not all parts of
> the man page updated to include latest revision dat, or some
> other command to [g]unzip or whatever, besides 320.whatis
> in periodic--weekly, update the compressed latest installed
> files from /usr/obj to what one expects when one has just
> recompiled the  man page?

If you intend to use "svn up", you should probably review, and
follow the instructions in, /usr/src/UPDATING.

> This crops up quite a lot on this machine, so I am unschooled in
> some principle of updating this operating system.  
> If it matters, I receive a 
> WARNING manpath environment variable set
> when starting an additional
> xterm & ... 

You may have code in your login shell's initialization file that sets

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