I had the same problems, however, there is one more regression after
these changes. It stably reproduces if you use EFI_STAGING_SIZE.
I have custom FreeBSD distributive which has a sufficiently large
mfsroot which is loaded through UEFI mode.

To solve the problem, it was suggested to increase this variable and
rebuild /sys/boot:


Also, it has to be increased periodically for some reason:


I've try to ask why than threatens to increase this parameter at once
large (or make it dependent on RAM):
but there are no answer options.

At the moment, on r315141 boot via UEFI is fixed without EFI_STAGING_SIZE.

With EFI_STAGING_SIZE=768 i got regression after last changes in panic
with follow message:

failed to allocate staging area:9
failed to allocate stating area
Failed to start image provided by ZFS (5)


I believe that there mfsroot may be greater than 64MB soon or later.

Also there are no problems with loading big mfsroot images when MBR
method is used.

PS:  I have ZFS-on-root system. With EFI_STAGING_SIZE=768 I lived with
constant CURRENT svnup/rebuilds for about a year. So I will be glad if
you pay attention to this.

PPS: How to reproduce:

1) EFI_STAGING_SIZE=768 in /etc/make.conf
2) make -C /sys/boot clean
3) make -C /sys/boot
4) make -C /sys/boot install
5) reboot

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