On 16 Mar, O. Hartmann wrote:
> Am Wed, 15 Mar 2017 13:12:37 -0700
> Cy Schubert <cy.schub...@komquats.com> schrieb:

>> > 
>> > When the clock is floating that wild, in all cases ntpd isn't
>> > running any mor e.
>> > I try to restart with options -g and -G to adjust the time quickly
>> > at the beginning, which works fine.
>> This is disconcerting. If your clock is floating wildly without ntpd 
>> running there are other issues that might be at play here. At most
>> the clock might drift a little, maybe a minute or two a day but not
>> by a lot. Does the drift cause your clocks to run fast or slow?
> Today, I switched off ntpd on the jail-bearing host. After an hour or
> so the gain of the clock wasn't apart from my DCF77 clock - at least
> not within the granularity of the minutes. So I switched on ntpd
> again. After a while, I checked status via "service ntpd status", and
> I would bet off my ass that the result was "is running with PID XXX".
> The next minute I did the same, the clock was off by almost half an
> hour (always behind real time, never before!) and ntpd wasn't running.
> A coincidence? I can not tell, I did a "clear" on the terminal :-( But
> that was strange.

I think that ntp might exit if it sees time going insane.  According to
this old discussion, the exit is silent:

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