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> Is anyone seeing network or DHCP issues with a recent update to 
> 12-current?
> On new hardware
> Dual Core Celeron J1800 Bay Trail 2.4GHz, 2MB L2 Cache
> 2 Gigabit Ethernet Intel NIC ports
> I'm seeing the following issues:
> - install latest 12-current snapshot 
> FreeBSD-12.0-CURRENT-amd64-20170316-r315413-memstick.img, try DHCP during 
> install and it fails.  Setup networking manually and try to ping default 
> gateway
> results in the response
> ping: sendto: Host is down

Yes. Since IFLIB has been introduced, Intel NICs seem to be suffering from not 
properly anymore. i217-LM, i350 and sibblings are affected for which I can 
speak because
we suffer the same problems here. Even if the NIC works, it dies after some 
time under
heavy I/O.

> - install 11-stable snapshot, try DHCP IPv4 during install works 
> perfectly.  After reboot DHCP works.
> Then I did svnlite up to current, buildworld/install cycle and DHCP fails 
> again on current.  I tried the whole process twice just to be sure, same 
> result.
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