CURRENT (FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT #82 r315720: Wed Mar 22 18:49:28 CET 2017 amd64) 
annoyingly slow! While scrubbing is working on my 12 GB ZFS volume, updating 
takes >25 min(!). That is an absolute record now.

I do an almost  daily update of world and ports tree and have periodic 
scrubbing ZFS
volumes every 35 days, as it is defined in /etc/defaults. Prts tree hasn't 
grown much,
the content of the ZFS volume hasn't changed much (~ 100 GB, its fill is about 
4 TB now)
and this is now for ~ 2 years constant. 

I've experienced before that while scrubbing the ZFS volume, some operations, 
even the
update of /usr/ports which resides on that ZFS RAIDZ volume, takes a bit longer 
usual - but never that long like now!

Another box is quite unusable while it is scrubbing and it has been usable 
times before.
The change is dramatic ...



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