On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Wes Morgan wrote:

> As of about 7pm EDT I can't boot a -current kernel. I _can_ boot a kernel
> from the 13th I snagged from a snapshot kernel disk, and I can boot the
> snapshot from the 15th (but since userconfig does not work the lnc device
> spams so many error messages the system never reaches a prompt).
> Already did the make clean depend all install for /sys/boot/i386 and that
> was no help. The kernel just freezes _right_ after trying to boot... I'm
> not sure how far its getting, I'll have to play around with a debug kernel
> and see what I can get from it (if anything).

okay, I see the same thing, but *believe* that this has to do with the
whole thread on ttyv0 that just passed through here, so am just waiting
and watching the commit logs for something that "looks" appropriate ...

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