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> After a crash in which repeatedly portions of the base tree of FreeBSD has
> nullified on a SSD system "disk" (UFS), I had to save and repair on Friday,
> 24th March anno 2017 the broken infrastructure by copying (via pax -rw -p e)
> the binaries from the recent USB (memstick) image of 23rd provided by
> freebsd.org download site.
> After rebuilding and installing a complete "world" (make buildworld on a
> delete /usr/obj, so to ensure it is empty), I still face a nasty ssh problem
> (/usr/bin/ssh: Undefined symbol "msetlocale").
> I checked the age of the libraries, especially the libraries, which has
> supposedly been installed and although I did in the past update/buildworld on 
> a
> daily base, /lib is populated with libraries dated on February, 3rd,
> and /libexec still has the ld-elf.so libs from 23rd/24th. 
> Using "kldload filemon" in conjuction with /etc/src-env.conf containing
> WITH_META_MODE=         YES I'd expect such a thing, but I got confused with
> "/lib". Since Feb 3rd, LLVM 4.0 has been introduced and all libs should
> definitely have been recompiled, haven't they?
> After rebuilding a "clean" world, I'd like to know how I can force a complete
> and radical installation of ALL what's in /usr/src and /usr/obj - meaning: how
> to force the installation process to install even those libs/files/bins which
> the installer suppose to be not necessary to be installed?
> After two times rebuilding now world and installing it I can not get rid of
> this nasty ssh problem which prevents me from login onto remote systems and I
> suspect a faulty library to be the culprit. libprivatessh.so is installed on
> every rund of installworld accordingly to its date/ctime, I also delete the 
> *.a
> and *_p.a archives and had them reinstalled, but without success.
> Help!
> Kind regards and thanks in advance,
> Oliver
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This highlights what I think is one of my foremost concerns as to 'why not is
part of FreeBSD yet' .... namely the proof that an installworld can complete
[think 'foolproof staging' ] before the installworld is actually 'ENTER' 
b...   fallback /var/db/pkg flat file pkg equivalent re-done and CARP-like 
c...   2005 era install bsd ncurses menus allowing setting partitions and type
d...   pkg updates to allow 'beastie boot menu 'choose options' style fixing of
         each line in each FreeBSD.conf and pkg.conf so that they are what
         pkg expects to be there, vs what are there... if you grasp that.
e...   lint >> GENERIC heavily commented to allow...
f...    e1...  an ncurses-build-line-by-line-completion of a kernel file so that
         each line omit/include is understood as to consequence AKA bios menus.
g...    flow chart [ 8 sided raw disk >> 8 side which raid do you want huge 2 
          by two meter ZFS decision tree aka shareware 1998 style inclusions, 
          of them so one does not depend upon guides from, say, Solaris
h....   more, but that should do.  Just tacking on gossip, sorry... please read
         the three lines above this list so I do not de-emphasize the point of 
          reply, and thank you so very kindly for reading.
Sort of like a 'me too...'   
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