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>> Using rc_debug=yes I see that it is the kernel problem, not rc problem.
>> Sometimes rc backward sequence executed even fully, sometimes only
>> partly, but in unpredictable moment inside rc sequence the kernel decide
>> to reboot quickly (or even deadly hang in rare cases). Always without
>> any "Syncing buffers..." leaving FS dirty. No zfs etc. just normal UFS,
>> no EFI, no GPT.
>> I change GELI swap to normal one, but it does not help. The same
>> untouched config works for years, I see this bug for the first time in
>> FreeBSD.
> I forget to mention that typescript and dmesg does not survive after
> this reboot (or rare hang).

Good to note.
The simple explanation to the problem might be r307755, depending on when you 
last synced/built ^/head.

I have a few more questions (if reverting that doesn't pan out):
- What make/model of x86_64 are you running AMD (Bulldozer, etc) or Intel 
- Is this a custom built machine? If so, what is your motherboard? If not, 
who’s the vendor?
- Is your system firmware up to date?
- What does your make.conf/src.conf look like?
- Are you running GENERIC or a custom kernel? If custom, could you please 
include the config somewhere?
- Are you loading any drivers in loader.conf?
- Are you using Linux emulation?
- Are you running any blob drivers, like nvidia?

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