On 29.03.2017 6:29, Bruce Evans wrote:
>>>>> Using rc_debug=yes I see that it is the kernel problem, not rc
>>>>> problem.
>>>>> Sometimes rc backward sequence executed even fully, sometimes only
>>>>> partly, but in unpredictable moment inside rc sequence the kernel
>>>>> decide
>>>>> to reboot quickly (or even deadly hang in rare cases). Always without
>>>>> any "Syncing buffers..." leaving FS dirty. No zfs etc. just normal
>>>>> UFS,
>>>>> no EFI, no GPT.
>>>>> I change GELI swap to normal one, but it does not help. The same
>>>>> untouched config works for years, I see this bug for the first time in
>>>>> FreeBSD.
>>>> I forget to mention that typescript and dmesg does not survive after
>>>> this reboot (or rare hang).
>>> Good to note.
>>> The simple explanation to the problem might be r307755, depending on
>>> when you last synced/built ^/head.
>>> I have a few more questions (if reverting that doesn't pan out):
>> I just found the cause, it is new syscons bug (bde@ cc'ed). I never
>> compile vt driver into kernel, i.e. I don't have this lines in the
>> kernel config:
>> device    vt
>> device    vt_vga
>> device    vt_efifb
>> When I add them, the bug described is gone. It seems syscons goes off to
>> early, provoking reboot.
> Bah, I only have vt and vt_vga to check that I didn't break them.
> Unfortunately, syscons still works right when I remove these lines.

Maybe two will be enough too, I don't check. I just don't need _any_ of
vt lines. What is matter it is that syscons only mode (without any vt)
was recently broken, causing shutdown problems and file system damage
each time. Syscons only mode works for years until you break it recently.

> Kernel messages in syscons are now supposed to be colorized by CPU.  The

It looks really crazy on 8-core CPU and should not be default. And I
don't see colors in vt mode (which should be parallel at that point, at
least), but what about invisible escapes on vidcontrol errors (f.e.
invalid argument) in vt mode?

>> Moreover, I can't enter KDB via Ctrl-Alt-ESC in the syscons only mode
>> anymore - nothing happens. In the vt mode I can, but can't exit via "c"
>> properly, all chars typed after "c" produce beep unless I switch to
>> another screen and back.
> Try backing out r315984 only.  This is supposed to fix parsing of output.

I'll try. thanx. But most dangerous new syscons bug is the first one,
damaging file system on each reboot. I try to go to KDB to debug it, but
seeing that I can't even enter KDB I understand that all that bugs,
including nasty one, are introduced by your syscons changes, it was a
hint to add completely unneeded and unused vt to my kernel config file.

vt is real downgrade. Its default console font is plain ugly, it is
impossible to work with it. I can't find proper TERM for it to make
function keys and pseudographics works in ncurses apps (not with xterm,
a little better with xterm-sco), lynx can't display all things properly,

All we need is KMS integration alone and not vt.

> But I suspect it is a usb keyboard problem.  

No, I have PS/2 keyboard.

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