On Thu, 30 Mar 2017, Andrey Chernov wrote:

On 30.03.2017 9:51, Andrey Chernov wrote:
On 30.03.2017 8:53, Bruce Evans wrote:

The escape sequences in dmesg are very interesting.  You should debug

I'll send you them a bit later. Since I don't want vt at all, I don't
want to debug or fix it, let it die.

Here it is:
kernel: allscreens_kbd cursor^[[=0A^[[=7F^[[=0G^[[=0H^[[=7Ividcontrol:
setting cursor type: Inappropriate ioctl for device

It is caused by vidcontrol call which left from previous sc setup.

This turns out to be uninteresting then.  I think you have to configure
something specially to get console messages in dmesg, but I get then in
console.log, which also requires special configuration (turn this on in

In my configuration, vidcontrol only does ioctls in rc.d, so there are
no escape sequences for vidcontrol in console.log, and only 1 error
message (for changing the font to a syscons font).  There should be
more failures, but some ioctls are null instead of working.
"vidcontrol show >/dev/console" works to show the colors and also to
show that escape sequences end up in console.log.

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