Sorry about forward, but this patch is something a bit more complicated and if 
we have some people willing to test, it would be really nice:) I have had it 
around for my illumos port for some time now, but those small details about the 
zfsboot/gptzfsboot etc sometimes do count a lot… 


> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "tsoome (Toomas Soome)" <phabric-nore...@freebsd.org>
> Subject: [Differential] D10203: loader: zfs reader should check all labels
> Date: 30. märts 2017 18:39.44 GMT+3
> To: tso...@me.com
> Reply-To: d10203+574+d76c8a36ba3c3...@reviews.freebsd.org
> tsoome created this revision.
> Herald added a subscriber: delphij.
>  The current zfs reader is only checking first label from each device, 
> however,
>  we do have 4 labels on device and we should check all 4 to be protected
>  against disk failures and incomplete label updates.
>  The difficulty is about the fact that 2 label copies are in front of the
>  pool data, and 2 are at the end, which means, we have to know the size of
>  the pool data area.
>  Since we have now the mechanism from common/disk.c to use the partition
>  information, it does help us in this task; however, there are still some
>  corner cases.
>  Namely, if the pool is created without partition, directly on the disk,
>  and firmware will give us the wrong size for the disk, we only can check
>  the first two label copies.
>  rS FreeBSD src repository
>  https://reviews.freebsd.org/D10203
>  sys/boot/efi/boot1/zfs_module.c
>  sys/boot/efi/loader/main.c
>  sys/boot/i386/common/drv.h
>  sys/boot/i386/loader/main.c
>  sys/boot/i386/zfsboot/zfsboot.c
>  sys/boot/zfs/libzfs.h
>  sys/boot/zfs/zfsimpl.c
>  https://reviews.freebsd.org/settings/panel/emailpreferences/
> To: tsoome, allanjude, imp, avg
> Cc: delphij

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