On 30.03.2017 21:53, Bruce Evans wrote:
> I think it was the sizing.  The non-updated mode is 80x25, so the row
> address can be out of bounds in the teken layer.

I have text 80x30 mode set at rc stage, and _after_ that may have many
kernel messages on console, all without causing reboot. How it is
different from shutdown stage? Syscons mode is unchanged since rc stage.

> - sysctl debug.kdb.break_to_debugger.  This is documented in ddb(4), but
>   only as equivalent to the unbroken BREAK_TO_DEBUGGER.

Thanx. Setting debug.kdb.break_to_debugger=1 makes both Ctrl-Alt-ESC and
Ctrl-PrtScr works in sc only mode and "c" exit don't cause all chars
beeps like in vt. I.e. it works. But I don't understand why debugging
via serial involved in sc case while not involved in vt case and fear
that some serial noise may provoke break. Is there a chance to untie
serial and sc console debuggers?

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