Le 05/04/2017 à 18:15, Alexey Dokuchaev a écrit :
> On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 07:26:43PM +0200, Matthew Rezny wrote:
>> LLVM 3.8 introduced the option to build a shared LLVM library, which is
>> what Mesa needs for use at runtime (for e.g. compiling shaders), separate
>> from linking to it. Previous versions only had one option, if the library
>> was built then all the LLVM binaries were staticly linked to it. [...]
>> llvm{35,36,37} are statically linked and thus smaller than normal. llvm38
>> switched to dynamic linking, the default, thus the size grew.
> Hmm, I don't quite get it: shouldn't static linking actually increase the
> binaries (and thus the package) size?
>> I assume llvm40 will be a bit bigger, but do not expect to see another
>> jump as you've observed.
> As Mark Millard reports:
>> I've also tried without WITH_DEBUG= and now. . .
>> # pkg delete llvm40
>> Checking integrity... done (0 conflicting)
>> Deinstallation has been requested for the following 1 packages (of 0
>> packages in the universe):
>> Installed packages to be REMOVED:
>>         llvm40-4.0.0
>> Number of packages to be removed: 1
>> The operation will free 1 GiB.
> That 1G looks like a big jump from 259M of llvm39-3.9.1_1.txz to me.

So, you are comparing the size of the llvm39 package with the size of
the llvm40 after extraction ?

Mathieu Arnold

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