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> On Wed, Apr 05, 2017 at 11:42:16AM -0700, Chris H wrote:
> > OK I'm chasing -CURRENT, and I performed an initial
> > install, followed by a new world/kernel && ports about a
> > mos ago. Last Friday, I svn upped the system (src && ports),
> > rebuilt/installed world/kernel. I just began rebuilding
> > the ports, only to find that when finished, I will likely
> > end up with every version of llvm && clang from version 3
> > to the now current 4. My build session is currently tying
> > nearly every core on the CPU with llvm builds. Given that
> > llvm4 comes in base. Is there *any* reason I can not insist
> > that the ports I upgrade, or build, just use the version(s)
> > of clang/llvm in base? If so. How do I inform the ports
> > that they may *only* use the version(s) in base?
> In general you can't.  There are many reasons including: the base llvm
> doesn't include the requisite cmake bits for cmake based ports, some
> ports use unstable APIs and require specific LLVM versions, and some use
> LLVM tools or libraries that aren't built/installed as part of the base
> system.
> There are probably some ports where the base clang is fine but that's
> probably mostly down to someone getting USES variables right.
> -- Brooks
Grumble.. That's what I was afraid I might hear.

Thanks, Brooks! Even if it's not what I was hoping to hear. :)


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