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I have been a ipfilter user since Freebsd 3.0 without any complaints. Now I'm trying to get ippool to function. I have been able to add a pool, but now I want to refresh it's contents. From what I read in "man 8 ippool", I have to remove the pool from core and then re-add it with the complete new content. When I issue this command to remove the named ippool from core, I get message saying "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" and the system continues as normal.

    ippool -R -m unsolicited

I know that in 2016 ipfilter was forked and updated to be freebsd friendly. Thinking maybe something in the kernel code was changed that now is causing this problem. I'm running release 11.0.

Is there anyone out there who has ipfilter/ippool working?


I use ipfilter (and have for a couple of decades on Solaris and FreeBSD). We haven't forked it but we are fixing bugs and pushing them upstream.

Looking at the ippool source, this is another case of the source or man page being incorrect. Looking at earlier versions of the source and man pages, it appears to have been broken for almost forever. This is not the first command line parsing issue or man page discrepancy in ipfilter.

Can you please file a PR and assign it to me? The todos will be to:

1. Determine whether the man page or the code is correct.
2. Verify that all arguments are parsed (and subsequently processes).
3. Verify that correct error messages are produced as appropriate.

For now you can issue ippool -R -m unsolicited POOL_TYPE, where pool type is documented in the man page with -t (though that will also need to be verified). The ippool parser thinks the pool type is a positional argument not an option.

I'd like to verify Darren Reed's (original author's) intention before blindly "fixing" anything.

Thank you for taking on this project to fix ippool. I have stumbled across many items that don't work as documented or the documentation doesn't provide enough information about the required syntax.

Yes I can submit a pr. I will add to your to-do list pointing out things that need addressing.

I have already tried "ippool -R -m unsolicited -t tree" and it gives error ilegal option --t

The usage of this command is to remove the named pool from running in core so it can be re-added in mass with updated content.

I can all most do the same thing using this command sequence
ippool -f /etc/ippool.conf -u
this unloads all the entries but leaves the pool name in place
then this command reloads in mass
ippool -f /etc/ippool.conf

Can you suggest some other way the get ippool -R command working?

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