Hi all,

just a heads up if you haven't yet seen this blog post from Andrey Karpov
from PVS-Studio.
It's a quite a long read.

Here's a few highlights (with some paraphrasing).

>PVS-Studio fixed errors where it's clear how to fix them without digging
deep into the algorithms.
>That's why FreeBSD authors should really do a deeper analysis themselves,
>not just review that limited number of errors that we presented.

>Andrey Karpov is ready to provide a temporary license key and also help to
eliminate false positives that may hinder their work.

Anyone up for this task?

>FreeBSD code is regularly checked by Coverity (which is now a part of
>Still, it didn't prevent me from finding 56 potential vulnerabilities and
10 more real bugs in one evening by running PVS-Studio on this code.


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