On 07.04.2017 23:20, Nilton José Rizzo wrote:
> Em 2017-04-07 05:51, Toomas Soome escreveu:
>>> On 7. apr 2017, at 11:29, Andrey Chernov <a...@freebsd.org> wrote:
>>>>  Hi Allan, the ls show all files without case match
>>>> ls [a-z]*
>>>> show all files beginning with a and A  like this [aA-zZ]*
>>> No, last "Z" is not included.
>    Look this, it's a great error!!!!

I see no error. You do not include Z into [a-z] expression above, so why
you expect it is unknown.

> I lower- equal a upper-case why Z not show in this list?

No, it is not case-equal sorting. As I already mention, it is
dictionaries sorting, letters considered first, their case - next (and
maybe many other factors for non-ASCII - next).

> image when a admin use like thinks some rm -rf /*/[A-Z]*

Admin should either run C or US-ASCII locale or do not use a-z ranges
without knowing sorting on his locale.

I see no errors in your sh examples.

In general it was decided (not by me) to use CLDR collation since it is
able to stable sort all Unicode chars.

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