There have been issues with pf if I recall correctly. I currently have issues 
with stable, pf and vnet. There is an issue with pf table entries when an 
interface is moved to a different vnet.

Does anyone no if there is a specific fix for this that hasn’t been ported to 
stable? I haven’t had the time to test this on current.

> On 10 Apr 2017, at 08:50, Pavel Timofeev <> wrote:
> 31 марта 2017 г. 17:40 пользователь "Bjoern A. Zeeb" <
>> написал:
> On 31 Mar 2017, at 13:57, Pavel Timofeev wrote:
> Hello, dear freebsd-current@!
>> There was FreeBSD Foundation report back in 2016Q2 where it told us
>> about VNET (VIMAGE) update project sponsored by foundation.
>> What is the current situation? Is it committed into base? If not
>> what's the plan?
> Changes are in 12 and 11.   12 has seen more slight fixes due to other
> changes that other committers are tracking and I hope they merge to 11.
> /bz
> Sorry, do you know if there is any plan to include VNET into GENERIC?
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