>>  I'm using dell xps12 9q33 (core i7-4500U) with an internal SSD.
>>  As reporting Bug 218473, I cannot boot /boot/loader.efi after
>> r316585.  Replacing only loader.efi before r316584, I can boot
>> again.
> Yea, it seems to be the same issue for both of you, now have some work to do 
> to identify why this does happen.
> from loader prompt the lsdev -v output would be helpful - you can send it 
> directly, we do not need to spam the list:)


  I cannot lsdev because loader.efi was hung up before loader menu.

EFI console:
\          <--- hang up

  I can only reboot (ctrl-alt-del) for this hang up.
Masachika ISHIZUKA
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