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>       Is there a reason why you need ada support (that seems to be the only 
> real reason for installing gcc6 vs gcc6-aux)? gcc6-aux uses a snapshot of 
> gcc6 with custom options.
> Thanks!
> -Ngie

I got to lang/gcc6-aux indirectly:

I saw the ports checkin notice and github information
for ports-mgmt/synth indicating that native aarch64
support was now in place/possible.

When I looked at what pkg would provide it was older.

So on a Pine64+ 2GB [an aarch64 context] I did an
svnlite update for /usr/ports and then tried to build
ports-mgmt/synth .

Synth is written in ada and so indirectly then attempts
a lang/gcc6-aux build if it is not already in place.
[gcc5-aux likely would not support aarch64.]

I've no direct interest in lang/gcc6-aux or ada as
stands. But indirectly such is involved in what I
wanted to explore.

I've seen material quoted from a exp-run that reported
that about 54(?) ports were then blocked by lang/gcc6-aux
not building. (So some problems might not be aarch64
specific despite my example context: the "54" material
was likely not for an aarch64 context.)

Mark Millard
markmi at dsl-only.net

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